Property Risk Survey

Through a close Partnership with The90, via their Professional Surveying Services, we are able to gain an understanding of your organisation’s property risks onsite, your onsite risk mitigations and recommendations for improvement. Other benefits include:

  • Provides the confidence that you are satisfying your disclosure by informing your underwriter of material property risks
  • Puts your organisation in a strong position to manage the expectations of a property insurer by identifying, quantifying and highlighting management action for hazardous risks
  • Presents an accurate and thorough profile of the insured property
  • Creates a better position to obtain broader coverage terms and a competitive price
  • Provides a better understanding of the opportunities which may exist to mitigate risks, improve your organisation’s risk profile and potentially save money when purchasing insurance

What’s included in the process?

The Property Risk Survey comprehensively examines various aspects of your organisation’s assets, encompassing:

  • Operations conducted at each property and the associated potential hazards.
  • Construction and occupancy details of buildings.
  • Strategies for managing plant and maintenance risks.
  • Fire risk and the effectiveness of protection installations.
  • Security arrangements in place.
  • Exposures, such as those related to natural perils.
  • Other risk-reducing management procedures.

A Risk Surveyor from The90 will collect the necessary property underwriting information. This involves a formal inspection of your property and interviews with relevant personnel within your organisation.

After conducting these assessments, a detailed Property Risk Report will be compiled for submission to our underwriters. This report incorporates any agreed-upon recommendations for reducing potential loss exposures. All recommendations are outlined in a prioritised action plan to aid in their implementation. Who should participate?

This process is beneficial for:

  • Risk and Insurance Managers.
  • Facility and Asset Managers.
  • Property Managers.

How it is conducted:

Onsite property inspection and interviews (can all be done virtually if required).